The forum for fans of the Jonas Brothers AND Tokio Hotel. Yes, it is possible to love both.
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PostSubject: Forum Introduction   Forum Introduction EmptyFri Jun 26, 2009 9:52 pm

Welcome to the "I Love the Jonas Brothers...and So Does Tokio Hotel!" forum! This is a place where fans of the two musical groups can chat and live in peace. :]
This forum was created by a few of us at Team Jonas, the Jonas Brothers' official fanclub.
We were sick of going places where we would get bashed. If we went on JB websites, people would hate us because we like Tokio Hotel. If we went on TH websites, people would laugh at us because we like the Jonas Brothers. So we decided to make our own forum! (:

Be sure and tell me if you have any suggestions about improvements or if something isn't working!

Oh, and when you sign up, there are a lot more topics and threads. It's not just this one. (:

Carry on.
Very Happy
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Forum Introduction
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